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The use of solar energy is by far considered one of the best forms of alternative energy resource found on earth. There is enormous improvement in this technology with constant improvements in past few years where cleaner energy options like solar garden lights are preferred. We are here to introduce you a kind of solar garden lights which saves you money and being environmental at the same time.

What are Solar Power Lights?

Solar Lights are lights which run on solar energy instead of conventional electric energy. These lights are comes in almost all type you can think of, such as

How To Find Best Solar Power Garden Lights that Meets Your Needs

Have a look at the below interactive comparison chart of Best Solar Garden Lights available in the market. Before you start searching over, take a look at what’s on this guide. Overall, rather than taking some ones advice on some website or social website about what the best solar garden lights are, look at the comparison chart to help you make the appropriate buying decision. The chart includes various types of lights for your home such as indoor, outdoor, security etc.

Best Solar Power Garden Lights Comparison Guide

The interactive chart includes 7 columns of various aspects of the product(s):

  • Image of Light
  • Brand, name/model
  • Type of light
  • Material used
  • Rating – Average user rating on website. This can be helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase or not.
Best Solar Garden Lights Type of Light Material Rating
Garden Creations Solar Accent Light Path Light Durable Weatherproof 3.4
Moonrays Payton Style Solar Plastic LED Path Light
Path Light Glass 3.7
Moonrays Hudson Solar Powered Metal Path Light Path Light Metal Body 3.6
Newhouse Lighting TIKILED4 Solar Flickering Tiki Torches Flickering Tiki Torches Polycarbonate 4.0
Mr. Beams Battery Powered Motion Sensing Remote Path Light Motion sensing path Light Plastic 4.0
Moonrays Garden Fairy with Glowing Globe Fairy Light Resin - Finish - Painted 4.4
Solar Powered Fence Post Cap Lights Fence Light - 3.9
Cornet Shaped Hanging Solar Tree Lighting Decorative hanging Lights - 3.9
Outdoor Garden Path Lights Path Light Stainless Steel 3.0
Color Changing Solar Glass Ball Fixture Decoration Lights Glass 3.7
INST Solar Fairy String Lights for Outdoor, Ambiance Lighting Fairy Lights - 4.4
MicroSolar Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light - Adjustable Light Fixture Security Light Aluminum Body 4.2

Updated January 2016

How Solar Power Garden Lights Works?

Solar powered garden light need to be accessible to the sun during day-time hours to soak up the energy from the sun in order to light-up during the evening & night hours. Before installing the solar lights place those in the areas you would like to have lit up and place them equal distance apart but make sure those areas get enough sunlight during the day so that they can soak up enough sun energy. Most solar lights will need approximately 8-10 hours of sun; some may need more in order to give off light during the night.

Using Solar Garden Lights in less used areas of your backyard garden is a wonderful way to shed light to those areas without using the expensive electricity. Solar garden lights are economical and simple to install; they just need to be placed in areas that receive sufficient sunlight during the day so that they get keep charged at the day time. Solar lighting can be used in many different ways such as accent lighting, path lighting and spotlighting.

Benefits of using Solar Power Garden Lights

There are a number of reasons & benefits of using solar power garden lights in your backyard garden:

  • Less expensive than any other type of lighting
  • Environmentally friendly because they use sun’s energy instead of conventional electricity
  • Simple to install since they do not have wiring you need not to dig ruts for wiring
  • easily moveable from one place to another
  • the upkeep is almost non-existent except to replace a rechargeable battery every so often
  • the LED bulbs rarely burn out
  • they add beauty and highlights to your garden during the evening hours
  • you have more of an opportunity to spend time in your garden during spring and summer

Tips for Installing Solar Power Garden Lights

It is important to make sure that if solar garden lights are a good fit for your area or not. While most don't need to be exposed to direct sunlight all day in order to charge, they will accumulate and store power more resourcefully if they are installed in direct sunlight areas.

They will still charge on cloudy or partial cloudy days, however not as fully or quickly as it should be. Try to place them in direct sunlight areas whenever possible, or consider choosing solar lights that connect to a single solar panel that you can place in a sunny location, such as roof of your house.

When solar lights first came out on the scene they came build up on stakes and most people used them for path lighting. Now you can find them for hanging on lofty poles that look like lanterns to light up a corridor, they can also be mounted on walls, fence, or inserted into a floor for safety. The lights on tall poles will lead your guests across a grassy area of your garden without stumbling into something on their way to an outdoor living area.

Solar Lights are made of the same materials as most traditional equipment which makes them pretty durable; some consist of plastic and others are made of copper, aluminum, bronze etc. They come in different sizes and many shapes, and do not cost as much to operate since they get powered from the sun. Place decorative solar garden lights where garden paths join together or in areas where they are a good fit for lightning.


Whatever your reason for choosing solar garden lights may be, the solar lights make a great addition to your garden when chosen and installed with a clear and definite design in mind. We are using solar garden lights in our garden from last few years and we find our garden charming and we save a lot of money in the end with great results. We can help you choose best solar lights for your garden. Just get in touch with us here.

There is always modification to the product(s) from the manufacturers. We keep update the above chart, as new products arrived and/or delete the ones which are no longer available from the manufacturers.

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